Folded white and blue towels

When your business is judged by how things look, you want the best finish you can achieve — at an affordable price.

If linen plays a key role in your presentation – the freshness of the sheets your clients sleep between, the crispness of the table cloth set at dinner or the fluffiness of the towels to dry after showering, we can help.

Page Boy Commercial Laundry is all about service – looking after customers who want modern laundry technology and techniques, but delivered with the standards of care and attentiveness to their needs that has all but disappeared elsewhere.

What is important to you? We guess being sure you always get your own items back, rather than stock that may be shared between many users. Then there’s having your linen cleaned by itself, instead of mixed up with everyone else’s and all their grime etc. (enough said). You also want it collected and delivered on time so it’s there when you need it.

Then there’s the people who do the work – how reliable are their standards? Are the workers just casuals with no commitment or long term employees who really know their trade and what particular needs you have?

Yes, we do appreciate the impact Page Boy can have on you and your customers. That is why we deliver outstanding service that addresses your key requirements. What is more, we go out of our way to find out just what you want because that sets us apart from the other cleaners you could use.

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