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Our Standards

Our cleaning chemicals and wash programs are supplied by a reputable, specialist chemical manufacturer.

Our systems and our employee's experience and skills allow us to provide a highly personalised service to all our customers. The majority of our processing staff has over 30 years experience each in the laundry industry. They are highly skilled and are experts in caring for 'Customers-Own-Goods'.

    So, if you unhappy with the care of your own linen or garments because:
  • It might not be being properly disinfected for health purposes;
  • Wear and tear is showing before it should;
  • Its presentation is not up to the standard your customers expect;
  • You are experiencing laundry staffing, equipment, or supplies headaches;
  • OR
  • Your current external laundry service is unreliable, unresponsive, or inflexible;

Dry-cleaning Institute of Australia

We are long-standing members of our industry body, the Textile Rental and Linen Association (NSW). Details about the Association and its members can be obtained by clicking on www.drycleanersweb.com.

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