Table linen

Who We Are

Page Boy Commercial Laundry has been established for more than 50 years and serves customers across the greater Sydney area.

We offer a premium quality cleaning and finishing service with strong guarantees on the standards of our cleaning service as well as the way we look after your needs.

We have our own pickup and delivery service which is highly responsive to the individual needs of our customers.

We process many, many thousands of items each year. Of course we like predictable regular work but we know it doesn’t always fit in that way for our clients, so ad hoc arrangements as well as contracts are welcome.

We also provide laundry services to individuals through a number of dry cleaning outlets across the conurbation.

Page Boy is proud of its employees, many of them having put in more years than they would care to admit perhaps – but that is an essential ingredient in delivering well cleaned items. Their expertise is valuable when it comes to removing certain stains that would defy less seasoned campaigners!

If an item comes in stained it does not go back out stained. Otherwise what is the point of sending it to us?

The level of complaints we receive regarding cleanliness, finish, damaged or missing linen, and timeliness (our critical measures of service) is negligible.

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